dinsdag 27 juli 2010


He's back already? =D

you bet I am ^^
went to check out my new place.
It's pretty awesome, fr just about 200 EUR (160 GBP)

here's some images.


eventually, I come round posting stuff :D
here's some vids from the pyrenees

Spanish pyrenees beauty. a waterfall in the national parc.

then, after some more mountaineering we decided to visite the anisclo crevasse ^^

then after some pool fun and some more hiking, we kindof decided to build a dam ^^
which i'm not sure if it's legal or not..
it'll be washed away by the spring floods anyway :D
dayum, that water was cold :D

all can be found at my youtube channel :]

maandag 5 juli 2010


Blogging from spain this time :]
bielsa is really nice =D
our camping is awesome, with a pool at 1100 meters height between snowmountains of 3000+
it's heavy =D

we're not in a tent tho, nothing for me ^^
i'll upload a some pictures later :D

here's the mountains =D