maandag 28 februari 2011


Activating post of activeness!
I didn't get around doing the things I want to be getting around to do.
But I'm having a blast with this ImagineCup Game me and the rest of TeamDysania are making.
Can't spill the beans yet tho, more will follow.

also, we made rocks, then mudboxed  them into high details, then normalmapped them on to lowpoly rocks, then baked the rocks onto a plane and now I have a pavemeeeeeent.

I'll post a gif later :D
Peace off

zaterdag 12 februari 2011


A post?
for real? :O
and a Painting at that?
For a game developer? :O
must be bad :O
here goes!

well, i'm kinda cool with the result, I think it turned out pretty nice!
some flaws here and there, but it was a great practice and I think I caught the sadness in her eyes pretty well.
I'll redo the car for posting after some private project for 3D Export!