dinsdag 8 november 2011

The site is online and pretty much done.
here's where it's at!


maandag 29 augustus 2011

Pengu Update 5

Working out some final kinks, the final version should be up in just alittle bit.
one of those kinks is the depthbuffer which seems to act up when switching back to the menu. here's a picture of before and after!

see ya

dinsdag 23 augustus 2011

Pengu Update 4

It works! I can make my penguins attack and conquer other iglo's if their number is greater!
in the next action shot, you can see me in possesion of the left neutral one and besieging the top one!


woensdag 17 augustus 2011

What a Wonderous Web!

I just webified myself!!
here's the link :D
go chek it out and try it yourself, it's pretty fun :D

Update, I saw some really funny Names on a funny picture

Isaac Hunt
Wane kur
Mike Lictoris

dinsdag 16 augustus 2011

Pengu Update 3

While I was looking for a billboarding way to make the names apear over the igloos. I sought and I sought and I sought and all I found was either overly complicated or about something completely different!!

what I needed was projecting a 3D point on the 2D screen, so that when I moved around the text would seem to float over the same point in 3D space.

here's the catch! the WINAPI function to Project a D3DXVECTOR3 was only moderately difficult to find.


Using it, however, seemed a lot more challenging!
I ended up making some temporary stuff to catch ll the inout variables DirectX is so fond of.
here's my solution!

void TestGameApp::DrawIgloStats()
    D3DXVECTOR3 IgloPos;
    BOOST_FOREACH(Iglo * i, m_vCheckObjects)
        IgloPos = i->GetPosition();
        D3DXVECTOR3* screenvector = new D3DXVECTOR3(0,0,0);
        D3DXVECTOR3 offset(0,60,0);
        offset+= IgloPos;
        const D3DXVECTOR3 * Passposition = &offset;

        UINT numview = 1;
        D3D10_VIEWPORT pVptemp;
        m_pD3DDevice->RSGetViewports(&numview, &pVptemp);

       -------I got lazy withthe colours around here so figure it out yourself, I might fix it later..--------

        //screen coordinate
        D3DXVec3Project(screenvector, &offset ,&pVptemp, &m_pTrackingCameraLeft->GetProj(), &m_pTrackingCameraLeft->GetView(), &m_pTrackingCameraLeft->GetWorldMatrix());
        D3DXVECTOR3 Finalcoords = *screenvector;

        float m_PinguinAmount = 50;
        tstringstream stream;
        stream << "Amount of Pinguins" << m_PinguinAmount;
        tstring printstring = stream.str();
        DrawString(m_pFont, printstring, Finalcoords.x -50 , Finalcoords.y);



oh here's a picture of the final result:


maandag 15 augustus 2011


well. I suppose it was about time for an update :D

*Lamp makeover! you don't believe it? here's a before and after image!*

And my lov got me a great Coca-cola Plate! only it was filled with candies. YAAAY!!

zaterdag 13 augustus 2011

These arms are snakes

It's 5:15 in the morning.
My eye's are glued to my screen.
My neck is aching.
I've worked all day.
I'm currently listening to russian circles and it's been a great boost this last part.
But I don't feel tired.
Not one little bit.
Because I did it. Just a simple thing like clicking the igloos in Penguwars(I don't have a name yet) required A LOT of my previously gathered knowledge about maths and programing. But I accomplished my goal through perseverance and solid determination.

I feel GREAT!

The song just changed to Xavii - Russian Circles, from the album Station. The slow Elysian fields of melody are sweeping me away. Like rocky when he reaches the top of the stairs, but with far greater musical value.

Go check it out, it's definitely worth your time!
My veins are Pumping around the rush and adrenaline of joy and accomplishment.
I remember why I chose the Major Game Development now. (I love to make art, but I never manage to be completely happy with the entire this.)

<< Spoiler! Things are about to get heavy, Turn back if you think you can't handle it! >>

And since I'm pouring out my heart. I felt weak and lost and in search of passion these last few months, semesters even if you will. I forgot why I wanted to finish what I started all this while back, because of certain mishaps and errors that dotted my course so far. I really needed to find the reason I did it all for again. While I saw all these successful people around me - doing things like a boss, acing classes and still getting sleep, Graduation well above average and looking at life with great interest, ready for whatever was coming, ready to conquer the world - I sat alone and watched, and failed to motivate myself. Wondering if, with my few achievements I deserved to be one of those people who understood how things rolled smooth.

I understand now. I might go as far as calling it an epiffany. It's a hard circle to get into.
and I don't mean the social circle of people who get it. haha.
No I mean that when you have great determination and pull through, You Get the feeling of great Satisfaction.
The latter feeling will in turn fuel your drive to stay immensely focused and determined, allowing you keep the spiral spiraling upwards.

These arms are Snakes.
If you made it this far I would like to thank you for reading.
feel free to share your thoughts in the comments and share if you feel this is a massage of value that should be shared!

Jack Out :)

woensdag 10 augustus 2011

Pengu Update 2

Heya :D

I decided to keep seperate posts, in case I wanna post new stuff :D
also, I figured I haven't fully explained the game yet :D
here's where it's at yo, haha, you get pinguins in your iglos.
when you have enough pinuins to take over a hostile or neutral iglo, Go ahead!
that's basically it.
it's a remake of nanowars, which can be found here: http://www.kongregate.com/games/badben/nano-war-2?acomplete=nano

however, I'm looking for a name, so if there are an idea's post them in the comments down below please :D

here's an update screeeeen:

maandag 8 augustus 2011

Pengu Update 1

and so, with the other problems off the course. It finally begins, like this:

And update! So it continues!

Interesting, I might decide to keep updating this one post as this will be what I'll be working on for the coming weeks!

donderdag 23 juni 2011


Finally finished my exam entry for integration, a windows phone 7 game.
The game itself will go into heavy post production however during the summer.

Here's a trailer, dutch version however. I'll update with the english version in a little bit.

donderdag 16 juni 2011

W00t ! 3D for games Exam!

Here's.. basically what i've been working on this semester!

First of all, we had to recreate london in 2111. (in UDK)
After a flood and what not!

Here's a screen, more to come!

Next up, Myself.. In 3D :D
Hurrah :D

There we go!

(As usual, Click to enlarge!)
Drop a line if you like it :D

Jack, Signing out!

woensdag 8 juni 2011


Owkaay, so it's not really a post,
but it's a shoutout for someone who is really special in my life!

she's working on an awesome safety project to create self illuminating jackets, as opposed to standard fluorescent materials.

here's her world changer! http://www.facebook.com/glowgoforkids go check it out and like it!
they need your support!


zaterdag 7 mei 2011

XNA Minitut!

In order to make a dual texture effect in XNA, but retain the functionalities of the basic effect (in case you can't write your own shaders, E.g. on the phone), I figured out a workaround.

here's a piece of code, I'll explain it afterwards

private Texture2D BaseTexture, SecondTexture, FinalRenderTex, ;
private RenderTarget2D ProcessTexTarget;


Spritebatch.Draw(BaseTexture, new Rectangle(0, 0, 1024, 1024), new Rectangle(0, 0, 1024, 1024), Color.White);
Spritebatch.Draw(SecondTexture, new Rectangle(0, 0, 1024, 1024), Rect, Color.White);

FinalRenderTex = ProcessTexTarget as Texture2D;

I've gone ahead and colourcoded it for clarity.

first we make the necessary textures and  a rendertarget, that is the Blue section of code.
BaseTexture and SecondTexture are the ones we will be mixing, FinalRenderTex will be the Texture we will write to.
ProcessTexTarget, finally, is the render target we will use to do that.
usually, the rendertarget used is the backbuffer, which is then drawn onto the screen though the XNA content pipeline.

In the Yellow line, rendertargets really get interesting. There, we change the render target drawn to.

The Red block of code, the XNA spritebatch is used to draw Images onto the screen, like a 2D game, nothing special.
The second texture however is a transparent texture, and in my case I used a custom rect that is constantly redefined in the update function, that way, I'm able tho scroll through a spritesheet and animate stuff like caustics and so forth

In the Green and final block of code, the backbuffer is restored by setting the render target back to null and the the rendertarget is written to the texture. the order of the statements is important because you can't write  rendertarget to a texture while it's still enabled as the active target.

Finally, here's a final result, the way I used it!
It's not great, and it still needs a lot of work, but i'll upadte it lators. haha :D



donderdag 5 mei 2011

Stepping it up!

we got our self assignment for 3D!
we will be lowpoly modeling, texturing and rigging ourselves!
it's gonna be fun!

also, on the topic of XNA, I'll be doing a mini tutorial on how to archieve a DualTexture effect with rendertargets, so you can still plug it into a basic effect and use multiple lights and stuff. but that's just incase you can't use shaders! (like on the windows phone..)

here's what I got so far for 3D!
click to enlarge, ofc.

dinsdag 29 maart 2011

zaterdag 19 maart 2011


Here's the final Concrete Pillar!
trying somthing new here :D had some flash fun
Click on a pillar in the image to enlarge it.
Click again to go back.

donderdag 17 maart 2011

zaterdag 12 maart 2011


about three posts down I mentioned the rockpavement we made by sculpting rocks and baking them onto a plane.
here's what I'm talking about. there are actualy four planes. try and spot the tiles.. it's really easy :D
so active,
I'm on Fire :D


while i'm at it,
here's my pillar for school. kinda missing some of the rocky-ness, and i'll have to add some grain and cracks yet. i'll keep the few of you who are intersted updated. :p


here's a freework project!
KillTimeDreams Inspired me to do an animal model, because his shark was awesome.
here's caps of what I have so far. I'm fairly happy about it. I just have some funky tri's on the neck and the ass. i'll try to get rid of those lateron :D

maandag 28 februari 2011


Activating post of activeness!
I didn't get around doing the things I want to be getting around to do.
But I'm having a blast with this ImagineCup Game me and the rest of TeamDysania are making.
Can't spill the beans yet tho, more will follow.

also, we made rocks, then mudboxed  them into high details, then normalmapped them on to lowpoly rocks, then baked the rocks onto a plane and now I have a pavemeeeeeent.

I'll post a gif later :D
Peace off

zaterdag 12 februari 2011


A post?
for real? :O
and a Painting at that?
For a game developer? :O
must be bad :O
here goes!

well, i'm kinda cool with the result, I think it turned out pretty nice!
some flaws here and there, but it was a great practice and I think I caught the sadness in her eyes pretty well.
I'll redo the car for posting after some private project for 3D Export!

zondag 2 januari 2011


added a rotor, a front ramp and capped off the fenders to bkeep the water off, this should give the front enough bouyancy.
also, I cut out the doors and stuff.
phew. just acouple of tweaks and I can start on the next thing :D