zaterdag 13 augustus 2011

These arms are snakes

It's 5:15 in the morning.
My eye's are glued to my screen.
My neck is aching.
I've worked all day.
I'm currently listening to russian circles and it's been a great boost this last part.
But I don't feel tired.
Not one little bit.
Because I did it. Just a simple thing like clicking the igloos in Penguwars(I don't have a name yet) required A LOT of my previously gathered knowledge about maths and programing. But I accomplished my goal through perseverance and solid determination.

I feel GREAT!

The song just changed to Xavii - Russian Circles, from the album Station. The slow Elysian fields of melody are sweeping me away. Like rocky when he reaches the top of the stairs, but with far greater musical value.

Go check it out, it's definitely worth your time!
My veins are Pumping around the rush and adrenaline of joy and accomplishment.
I remember why I chose the Major Game Development now. (I love to make art, but I never manage to be completely happy with the entire this.)

<< Spoiler! Things are about to get heavy, Turn back if you think you can't handle it! >>

And since I'm pouring out my heart. I felt weak and lost and in search of passion these last few months, semesters even if you will. I forgot why I wanted to finish what I started all this while back, because of certain mishaps and errors that dotted my course so far. I really needed to find the reason I did it all for again. While I saw all these successful people around me - doing things like a boss, acing classes and still getting sleep, Graduation well above average and looking at life with great interest, ready for whatever was coming, ready to conquer the world - I sat alone and watched, and failed to motivate myself. Wondering if, with my few achievements I deserved to be one of those people who understood how things rolled smooth.

I understand now. I might go as far as calling it an epiffany. It's a hard circle to get into.
and I don't mean the social circle of people who get it. haha.
No I mean that when you have great determination and pull through, You Get the feeling of great Satisfaction.
The latter feeling will in turn fuel your drive to stay immensely focused and determined, allowing you keep the spiral spiraling upwards.

These arms are Snakes.
If you made it this far I would like to thank you for reading.
feel free to share your thoughts in the comments and share if you feel this is a massage of value that should be shared!

Jack Out :)

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