woensdag 21 april 2010


Warning: This post is very deep of nature and contains expressions of my being.
anyone who things feelings are bullshit,
or that guys who have them are pansies:
get the fuck out. Before you get sick.

Sometimes I wanna crawl up and die.
I don't even fit my own idealist convictions anymore.
how can I be one of a people when i feel not a people to belong too.
a stranger in my own world. my world?

I feel the words, but I don't hear them.
I hear the words, but don't feel them.
inaudible. unpenatrating.

From my point, I stand alone. and Laugh. and Weep.
How come I don't see the world like you do.
Is it because I have my eye's closed?
I don't think so!

It's not to late for me. I can start anew. we can start anew.
I feel it in my heart, my flesh and my bones.
I feel it when the energy surges though me.
I feel it when the adrenaline kicks in and takes over.
I feel it in my very being.
But mostly, when I see YOU,
The people.

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